Sunday, 27 May 2012

I am Writing

Lately I’ve been bitten by the writing bug thanks in no small part to the excellent Predication run by Lily Childs, which after its untimely demise has been picked up by Phil Ambler over on his blog. The Prediction is devastatingly simple in its idea but fiendish in its addictiveness. Quite simply each Friday you get given three random words chosen by the host and a maximum of one hundred words to tell a story, be it in the genre of horror, sci fi, fantasy or day to day tales of everyday life which need to be posted on the site by the following Thursday. You get lovely feed back from the other entrants and you can also leave your own comments on the other stories. Then on Friday the winner is announced. There’s no prize on offer for the winner just a hell of a lot of satisfaction from taking part.
I’ve been joining in with the Prediction for about three months and I have found it a brilliant way of firing up my enthusiasm and it’s also an excellent motivator for actually sitting down and writing. As the months have slipped by I have found that the actual process of writing has become incredibly important to me. I relish each Friday when the new words appear so I can unleash my imagination and see where the words take me.

For me there’s always an ‘in’ word which gives me with the hook into the story and tells me where to go. Then it’s just down to me and the laptop left to wrestle out the story. This is the fun part for me, the one hundred word limit means you have to be concise with your story telling but you also need to be able to get over what the story is trying to say, which is not always easy.
I wont post any of my entries here as I think that’s knd of a bit self-serving, I’m happy with what I’ve written and I get some truly kind words as feedback.

If you want to check out any of the stories that have been written for the Prediction you can check out Lily’s site here

Or alternatively why not join in with the Prediction at its new home here

 I can assure you of a warm welcome and some great fun along the way.   

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