Sunday, 13 May 2012

52.143 A Year in Books Part 1

Last July I turned the big 4-0 and was lucky enough to be bought a Kindle. As a result of this my book reading exploded to the detriment of everything else if I’m quite honest, this is probably the main reason for not having updated this blog. I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on download and was amazed (and continue to be amazed) just how easy and quick it is to read on a Kindle. So in light of my new found enthusiasm for reading and thinking of something to do to challenge myself in 2012 I came up with the idea of 52.143 A Year in Books, which is basically reading a book a week throughout the coming year.


Hopefully – yes, we are now in mid May and five months in to the challenge and I remain pretty much on track. Obviously I need to be mindful of what I’m reading one thick book (500 plus pages) means that the follow on book needs to be a little thinner to give me a fighting chance but so far I’ve been able to read what I want. I’m also reading my weekly dose of 2000ad and graphic novels along the way which also needs to be taken in consideration.

I’m not planning on doing in depth reviews of any of the books but I thought I’d share with you what I’ve read and some of my thoughts on each of the books (Yes I keep a spread sheet to keep track of what I read – it’s the accountant in me).
There may be slight spoilers ahead so reader beware.

Here are numbers 1-5

1 Philip Reeve – Infernal Devices (Book 3 Mortal Engines Quartet)

Another great instalment in the Mortal Engines Quartet that introduces Wren, Tom and Hester’s daughter. The book moves the story along nicely and I'm looking forward to the last part.

2 Philip Reeve – A Darkling Plain (Book 4 Mortal Engines Quartet)

Picks up a year after the last book and Hester has turned all Terminator, with Shrike striking the moral balance between the two of them, in all honesty this book takes a while to get going. Reeve takes up half the book trying to get his characters into position to gear up for the finale. Tom and Hester’s reunion is very bitter sweet and very sad at the end.

3 Suzzane Collins – The Hunger Games Book 1

A nice little amoral adventure tale, I'd imagine that if you are a sulky, the worlds against me teenager this book would be the best thing you've ever read, not sure if it lives up to the hype but then I am way outside the target market for this. Twin 2 read it (she’s 12) and still raves about it.

4 Jim Butcher – Blood Rites (Dresden Files Book 6)

Yet another excellent instalment of The Dresden Files, some big family secrets come to light and Harry’s face off with the big bad at the end it genuinely thrilling. 

5 Jim Butcher – Dead Beat (Dresden Files Book 7)

More Dresden awesomeness with a giant T-rex rampaging through downtown Chicago. On a serious note though Butchers world building is flipping brilliant.

Hopefully this will be the kick I need to update the blog more often, thanks for taking the time to read and part 2 should be posted within the next week.

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