Sunday, 10 June 2012

2000ad 35 Years of Thrill Power

Saturday morning is an exciting time in Robert’s Towers, yes it’s the first morning of the weekend, and yes I’m up early with kids BUT it’s also when I get my weekly subscribers fix of 2000ad ‘Thrill Power Overloaded’ to quote the green skinned, dome headed editor The Mighty Tharg.

Seeing as 2000ad is celebrating 35 years of printed awesomeness I thought I take a little time out to pay my own small tribute to Britain’s greatest weekly anthology comic and just because it may be one of the last of its kind doesn’t detract from how brilliant it is.

I vividly remember racing to the newsagents on that fateful Saturday afternoon in Llandaff North, pocket money burning a hole in my Rupert Bear trousers (yes I was a style icon even back then). There nestled amongst the other comics proudly proclaiming it’s other worldliness and giving us all a glimpse into our futures Prog 1 of 2000ad – and it had a free space spinner with it – what more could a young boy want? 

I can still remember the strange feelings it invoked, a feeling of reading something that I wasn’t quite used to, there was something very different about 2000ad, its futuristic premise was just right for the time and I was well and truly hooked after that first Prog.
Now how long that obsession lasted for I’m not quite sure, time plays tricks with my memories but I clearly remember it being a large part of my childhood, well that and Star Wars Weekly.
Then queue what I like to term my wilderness years BMXing, comprehensive school, girls, YTS, job, car and lager took over my inherent geekiness and smothered it. I’m sad to say that 2000ad lost its place in my life and my heart – stop sobbing at the back the best bit is yet to come.
Jump forward too many years later and I’m married with three kids and I’ve started to listen to a lone voice in my head. No I’m not going mad, it’s just my inner geek trying to persuade me to let it out of its cage. And I do.
Now about this time a fortuitous event takes place in a corner of Wales and with a little bit of help from America - a podcast that literally changes my life (well perhaps that’s over egging it slightly but hey), Everything Comes Back to 2000ad is launched. The podcast reignites my long dormant enthusiasm for 2000ad and I hunt down my first Prog, which turns out to be 1640, June 2009. All the old feelings come rushing back and I’m back in almost straight away and a subscription to a better life is just around the corner.

Three years later and nothing much has changed my love for 2000ad continues to grow, along the way I’ve read some brilliant stories and been able to admire some truly stunning artwork. I’ve gone back and picked up the Dredd Case Files (I’m up to number 10) and have had the pleasure of being introduced to one of the best characters in any comic - Dirty Frank of the Low Life. In tribute to Frank I’ve posted up this stunning cover to Prog 1752.

So as 2000ad celebrates its 35 years in print why not join in the fun. If you’re a lapsed reader - go on - just pop around the newsagents and pick up a copy of the latest Prog it’s never too late to refill your life with Thrill Power. If you’ve never read 2000ad why not wait till a jumping on point – this is when there a Prog full of new Thrills (stories) it’s a perfect starting point for newbie.
If I’ve whetted your appetite for more 2000ad thrills why not check out the following sites they’re all filled with true Thrill Power just watch you don’t overload……

The Official 2000ad web site
Does what it says on the tin

 Everything Comes Back to 2000ad
Reviews, news and social comment from the ever entertaining Rich McAuliffe

2000ad Covers Uncovered
Run by Pete Wells this site is simply brilliant the site gives a glimpse behind the magic and is home to the hotly contested Cover of the Year competition.

The Cellar of Dredd
Run by John Burdis The Cellar of Dredd is a tale of one man’s obsession with the law man of the future Judge Dredd.


Also did I mention Judge Dredd? well that’s going to have to wait for another day.
Splundig Vur Thrigg

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