Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Review - 10thology

I have written another guest review this time its for Rich McAuliffe's Everything Comes Back to 2000ad site. I review 10thology the anthology book recently released at CICE.

10thology is the brain child of Stuart Tipples, his idea was a seemingly simple one 10 stories, 10 pages, each with a Welsh flavour, written by and drawn by Welsh creators. Sounds easy.

Yes I’m being facetious, it’s testament I think to Stuarts sheer bloody mindedness and hard work that 10thology exists at all. That he and the others involved in the project have produced such a high quality book is something I think to be applauded and congratulated.

I have to admit I have been scratching my head somewhat over exactly how to do this review, I know albeit slightly, some of the creators involved and Wales suddenly got a lot smaller. I had visions of a mob of pitchfork wielding Welsh comic creators descending on my home much like the scene in Frankenstein (not that I live in a castle). So I will try to be honest with the review if I don’t like something I like to think I have the balls to say so, but I like to think that I can also give a reasoned and articulate reason as to why I didn’t like it. Conversely, if I like it expect much praise.

You can read the rest of my review here

Thanks to Rich for allowing me to do the review and posting it up on the site.

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